Talk to me about anything. If you’d like to work with me, or even if you just need a hug, I’ll get back to you shortly :-)

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RanZa - Web Professional, DJ, Model, Entrepreneur

Who is RanZa ?


My name is Ran, but I'm also known to many as "RanZa".
I'm a software-developer, web-professional, DJ, model and entrepreneur who works and resides in Los Angeles.

Yes, that's me in the picture.

I refuse to live by society's standards.
My extreme personality, style, interests, taste and beliefs fall very far outside of most people's reality to the point where I'm often misunderstood.

Society does not accept people like me, and has forced me to use this alias - "RanZa", which has become the name by which many recognize me.

Most people walk through life in a walking daze.
I refuse to be most people !

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